GitLab Certified Associate certification - FREE (usually $650)

New Async Technical Certification Option

We’re now bundling together the three main components you need to earn the GitLab Certified Associate certification asynchronously: A self-study eLearning preparation course, a certification knowledge exam, and a graded hands-on exam you complete in the GitLab Training Cloud. This bundle is available on GitLab Learn and is priced at USD $650.

Free through April 30, 2021!

For a limited time, use the discount code E6B8A234458AE3D795 to apply a 100% discount off the $650 bundle! This offer is available to anyone who enrolls in the bundle on GitLab Learn using the code by April 30, 2021.

Edit: sprawdzilem i sam kupilem na zapas, trzeba przejsc do platnosci, wklepac kod i bez danych karty przechodzi dalej. Po zakupie dostep na 365 dni.

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